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Answer for I Want to Cancel My Debt Review

Hi there,

Thank you for the question.

Debt review is totally voluntary and you can withdraw at any time. However, there are pitfalls when withdrawing prematurely.

We are prohibited by law to issue you with a clearance certificate if you have not settled all your debt in terms of the debt review order, or have not yet reached a point of rehabilitation. This point of rehabilitation comes when all your arrears have been brought up to date and you are able to afford the monthly installments and interest rates – as per the original credit agreement. This usually happens with consumers that only have their home finance left. If you are able to afford the home loan installments outside of debt review your DC will be able to issue a clearance certificate.

The clearance certificate, or Form19 as it is referred to in the Credit Act, is the only form that will force credit bureaus to amend your credit profile and remove all information pertaining to the fact that you were ever subject to a debt review order. So be careful and make thoroughly sure about your budget and credit agreements before you withdraw from debt review. 

Hope your questions have been answered.