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Answer for I never applied for debt review officially. What now?

Hi there

Thanks for the question.

If you have not signed anything it will be illegal for them to place you under debt review. Are you sure you did not sign anything. What about an application form?

When you apply for debt review you have to complete a Form16. This is in terms of the National Credit Act. After you have signed the Form16, a debt counsellor is supposed to do an analysis to determine if you are over indebted and if the debt review process will work for you.

Because many consumers do not go further in the process than the application stage, it is sort of silly to notify all credit bureaus and credit providers on the day you have applied. Specifically because you might not go further in the process. Many debt counsellors send out the notifications as soon as you complete an application form.

If the process wont work for you, then you already have debt review flags against your name.

all you need to do is ask a letter from the debt counsellor, confirming that your debt review did not continue past the application stage. Also ask him to update it as such on the credit bureaus. Give it a week or two and then pull your credit report. If you can still see a debt review flag on your credit report, lodge a dispute with the relevant credit bureau. You can present that letter confirming that you never went past the application stage. Even if you Never applied for anything, you can still lodge a dispute with the credit bureau. They are obliged by law to investigate and rectify the mistake.

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