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Answer for I can’t afford to pay my creditors each month. What can I do?

Hi Liezl

Thank you for the question. Firstly I want to say to you that you are not alone in your situation. There are about 10 million consumers out there who are experiencing the same challenges as you. Out of 21 million credit active consumers, about 48.5% find themselves in a situation where they struggle financially because of debt and cannot pay their creditors.

By contacting us you have taken the first step. Debt review is a solution that we can offer you. Debt Review as a solution to over indebtedness is prescribed by the National Credit Act.

The process of debt review allows consumers to pay off their debt in a protected environment, and prohibits creditors from taking legal action against you whilst you are paying off your debt. Debt Review also has the added benefit that it is built around your budget. this means that you will not be paying what you cannot afford.

This will really put you as consumer in a position of strength from where you can tackle your debt and become debt free.

Please send an email with your detail to [email protected]. Someone will contact you within 20 minutes.

Kind Regards