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Answer for I am off debt review and need to buy a new car. What must I do?


Thanks for the question

It is unfortunate that credit providers are so rude when one tries to do the right thing. Luckily not all of them are the same and it comes down to the call centre agent you have to deal with at the end of the day.

It seems like you are making good progress with your debt repayments. If your account is handed over to attorneys the credit providers will not take it back. Taking it back will not help you anyway. Because the account was in arrears it will still affect your credit score, which is the basis credit provider use to determine if they will grant you credit or not.

Unfortunately there are no shortcuts here. If the account has been handed over it will reflect as such until the debt has been paid in full. I would suggest that you pull a credit report at to see what the status of your credit profile is.

I understand the situation you are in with your car. It might be wise to let someone quote you on fixing it completely and then draw up a savings plan so that you can fix your car to last you for another year or two.

You can also work out a plan to get your debt paid off faster. Pay a little extra on some accounts. focus on the smaller amounts and start setting them one by one. Also remember to negotiate for a better settlement value when there is not much left on an account.

Best of luck to you

Kind Regards