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Answer for How can I be kept under debt review if I am unemployed?

Hi there

Thank you for the question.

It is unfortunate that Debtbusters and Credit Matters failed you. When you apply for debt review a debt counsellor is obliged by law to list the debt review with all registered credit bureaus.

As I am sure you have experienced, it is difficult to remain under debt review if you are unemployed. You need  a regular and consistent source of income in order to make the periodic payments to you credit providers.

If you exit the debt review however, the debt counsellor must update your status with the credit bureaus to reflect that you have exited the debt review process. the in which you exit the process has quite an impact on the final listing on you credit profile. If you defaulted on your debt review payments the status on your credit profile will reflect “defaulted under debt review”. If you withdrew voluntarily your status will reflect “voluntarily withdrawn”.

If the status on your credit profile is incorrect you have the right in term of the National Credit Act to dispute the listing. You must contact the various credit bureaus directly for this. They will investigate your claim and usually ask 30 working days to give feedback.

During the period that they are investigating the dispute, they must flag the relevant listing as “Being Disputed / Investigated” . As soon as they have the information they need they must take action and remove the listing completely if it is incorrect.

I suggest you contact TransUnion, Experian and XDS directly to lodge a dispute.

Kind Regards