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Answer for Debt Review VS Debt Consolidation

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Unlike consolidation loans, which have very strict requirements (and at the end leaves you with more debt) debt review restructures your credit obligations to an affordable repayment plan. The debt review process works through a court order which will protect you from your creditors taking legal action against you. The National Credit Act recognises debt review as a legal remedy for over-indebtedness. Debt review offers immediate protection, and allows the consumer to keep their assets.

Regarding your credit record; you can apply for debt review if you have a bad credit record. Once you have settled all your arrears under debt review and are able to carry on with the original contractual terms we will issue a clearance certificate.  The clearance certificate is sent to all credit bureaus, which is then required by law to remove all information related to you previous debt, giving you a clear credit score. 

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