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Answer for Can’t Afford Debt Review

Hi there.

Thank you for your question.

If you find yourself in the position that you cannot afford debt review you should consider sequestration.

Make sure that the company you use for sequestration is above board and registered with the National Credit Regulator. Also, consider getting a new co-tenant. If you struggle financially there are two options. Increase your income or decrease your expenses. With debt review, your expenses has already been reduced, thus, you will need to find additional income to service your debt review. Please keep in mind that if you miss your debt review payment it will be very difficult to keep you in the process.

Alternatively you can approach your debt counsellor and ask him/her to bring an application to the court to amend your debt review repayment on the basis of a change of circumstances. There is no guarantee that all your credit providers will agree to this though, but it can be done.

Hope this information helps.