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Answer for Can I pay my debt directly whilst under debt review?

Hi There

Thank you for the question. It is great news that your situations has improved. I would however advise the following.

1. When you exit the debt review process prematurely your debt will revert back to the original terms of the original credit agreement.
2. Whilst you were under debt review you paid less than what the credit providers originally wanted. This means that your payments are in arrears according to the original credit agreement.
3. When you exit the process prematurely the credit providers will be able to take action against you immediately.
4. I would suggest that you keep your debt review in tact. You can still make additional payments directly to the credit providers even while you are under debt review.
5. Keep on doing this until you have brought all the arrears up to date. Because you are under debt review while doing this, you will still enjoy the protection offered by the National Credit Act.
6. Once you have brought all arrears up to date, and you are bale to service the debt at the original monthly instalments and contractual terms, you can exit the debt review process.
7. the debt review process has a lot of benefits and I suggest that you use this to your advantage.
Please note that if you exit the debt review process it will be difficult for you to re-apply for debt review.
Hope your questions was answered to your satisfaction.

Kind Regards