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Answer for can a person be as long as 10 years in debt counseling?

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It is possible to lengthen the debt review / debt counseling up to 10 years but it is not good practise. All debt counselors should endeavour to rehabilitate a consumer within 5 years, with 7 maximum. Most of the debt review / debt counseling consumers settle their debt in about 3 years and then exit the process.

When you are under debt review / debt counseling it is important that your debt counsellor calculate a repayment plan that will solve within a reasonable amount of time. The keyword is “solve”. Your debt must solve, meaning that it will eventually reach zero balance.

If your debt counselor cannot calculate a debt review / debt counseling repayment plan that solves eventually and within a reasonable amount of time I suggest that you look for another debt counsellor, or add additional funds to the debt repayment amount. The more you pay the quicker the debt review / debt counseling will be over.

It is also important to keep in mind that when you are under debt review / debt counseling you are allowed to make additional payments on your debt to speed things up.

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