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Answer for Can a bank simply “inform” me that they got a judgement against me?

Hi Lesego

This is not normal practice. In order for them to get a judgement against you they first have to serve a summons on you. they cannot simply go to court and get a judgement against you without your knowledge. Unless you have signed a Consent To Judgement which will enable them to go for summary judgement without further notice.

Even if they do get a judgement against you they must still allow you to negotiate a payment that is affordable for you. They cannot claim the whole amount if you cannot afford to pay the whole amount.

I suggest that you ask the attorneys to give you the proof that they have decently served the summons on you prior to obtaining the judgement. If they cannot do that, I suggest you ask the to rescind the judgement immediately and then make a payment arrangement with them.

Chances are highly unlikely that they will agree to rescind the judgement before you have paid the full amount, but it is worth  a try.

If you have proof of your correspondence with the credit provider I would also go directly to them and arrange to meet with a senior individual. Ask them why they have proceeded to hand the account over to the attorneys if you have been making payments. You can request for them to withdraw it from the attorneys, and don’t take no for an answer.

Hope you manage to sort this out.

Kind Regards