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Answer for Blacklisting Cost

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We help people with their blacklistings through a process called debt review.

How debt review works:

Debt review is the process that reworks your debt payments into an affordable, consolidated repayment plan. Your repayment plan is formulated in such a way that it enables you to pay for essential living costs, giving you immediate breathing space. Your repayment plan is agreed upon by your creditors (we negotiate with them on your behalf), regulated by the National Credit Act and authorised through a court order. This means that the debt review process legally protects you, and your assets, against creditors who want to take legal action against you. Once your debt review process is completed you will receive a clearance certificate. Meaning your financial slate is wiped clean, your debt worries are in the past, and you can start living your new beginning.

Regarding the debt review fees:
There are no up-front fees because our fees are paid from your instalments and are built into your restructured payment plan. The fees are prescribed by the National Credit Regulator and are the same for all debt counsellors. There are three types of fees; debt counselling fee, legal fee and an aftercare fee.

If you would like more information regarding debt review, our free debt assessment (no obligation required), and other benefits debt review provides, you are welcome to fill out our contact form found on this page.

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