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Answer for Bad Credit from more than 5 years ago

Hi there,  

Thanks for the question. This is such a great question because there are so many consumer out there struggling with the exact same thing.  

On your credit report there are various sections. One section is the “listings” or “notifications” section where judgment, default and other adverse listings are shown. Another section is your payment history, reflecting the way you have paid your accounts over the last 24 months.  

For each type of listing there is a specific retention period. This means that the credit bureaus are only allowed to keep those records for a specific amount of time. The National Credit Act stipulates those times that need to be adhered to.  

A judgement listing can stay on your credit profile for 5 years. A default listing for 2 years. Listings for any enforcement action taken against you can be kept for 2 years. Inquiries made on your credit profile can be kept for 2 years.  

I would suggest that you contact the people who made the listings and clarify with them. If there’s a judgement, you can get it rescinded. It MUST then be removed immediately. Other listings such as defaults you can ask them to confirm the balance. If the debt has been settled, ask them to remove the listing. The credit providers CAN do it from their side, so do not let them tell you otherwise.  

If you have no luck in dealing with the credit providers directly, you have the right to dispute ANYTHING on your credit report. The credit bureau must investigate and get back to you. If there are uncertainties about a listing, or if it has exceeded the retention period I would advise that you lodge a dispute directly with the credit bureau where the data is listed.  

Really hope this gave you some direction.  

Have a great day.