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Answer for All Debt Paid Up And Accounts Closed, Somehow Worse Off Than Before

Hi there,

Thank you for your question.

Firstly you need to make sure that there are no flags on your credit report that indicates you have been under debt review. When you settled all your debt, the flag had to be removed in order to restore your credit record.

Secondly, the credit providers MUST give you a proper explanation as to why they declined your credit application. It is your right to know.

If the reason is that you have no credit record, I would suggest that you start the way we all did, with a clothing account. This does not carry much weight with your credit score but is a start and is the most easily obtainable. What is very important though is that you plan how much credit you can afford and borrow accordingly. Don’t fall in the same trap as before. Taking out a personal loan and repaying on time every month is very good for your credit score.

For some reason, financial facilities such as credit cards, over drafts and personal loans help your credit score along more than a clothing account would. These are however the biggest culprits in making people over-indebted. Our advice: Start slowly, plan ahead and make sure that you only take on credit that you can afford and really need.

Have a great day