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Answer for ABSA terminated my debt review even though I paid every month. Is this spossible?

Hi there

It is important to remember that the interest still accrues even while under debt review. It is very important to ensure that any payment made to a credit provider, even through the debt review, is more than the interest that is added. If the interest added is more than the instalment, the balance will just keep growing and growing. Your debt counsellor must make sure of this

It is true that a credit provider cannot terminate a debt review if you have made payments in accordance with the court order. I would suggest that you talk to your debt counsellor to investigate why ABSA has terminated the debt review from their side.

There might be a legal reason, but if the termination was unlawful ABSA will have to reinstate the debt review from their side.

It is also important to remember that if one credit provider terminates, your whole debt review is not affected. Only that specific credit provider is affected. The rest of your creditors will carry on as normal through the debt review.

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