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Answer for A Couple of Questions Regarding Debt Review

Good day,

Thank you for your questions.

I am happy to see you are focusing your energy on the solution. To answer your questions:

You most certainly can pay extra when you have extra cash available. The only thing to remember is that you make the arrangements with your debt counsellor beforehand. They will then instruct your Payment Distribution Agency (PDA) to follow the correct procedure.

Yes, payday loans are included in your debt review. All your debt must be included in your debt review. The only exception is when a summons has been issued and served before the application form was signed by the client. That specific credit agreement must be excluded from the debt review.

If you would like more information regarding debt review, we would recommend asking for our complimentary debt assessment (obligation free). With the debt assessment you will be able to see exactly what your debt review will entail, how your payments will be arranged and what benefits you can expect. To receive your fee debt assessment you can simply fill in the online contact form on this page. Once submitted a DebtSafe team member will contact you shortly.

Have a great day.