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Have Your Dream Wedding And Save – Women24

Have Your Dream Wedding and Save – Women24

Have Your Dream Wedding and Save

In this Women24 article Wikus Olivier, debt management expert at DebtSafe, talks about how to have your dream wedding and still save.

Making the time to get your finances in order before saying “I do” is a must. Wikus explains that money trouble is often the main reason for marriages to break down. Thus, having an open and honest conversation about your separate and combined finances is crucial. And when it comes to existing debt full-disclosure is key. Whether or not you (or your partner) have debt, taking a second look at your wedding expenses isn’t a bad idea.

When taking into consideration that you are about to start a new life with certain expenses is it really necessary to invite you mother’s second cousin twice-removed to your wedding? In order to have your dream wedding and still save you must be candid about what you can afford for the wedding. Staying debt-free and being able to put money away for a house or a family should be top priority.

Wikus also gives great pointers on how to save before the wedding, how to prioritise wedding expenses and how to budget for the honeymoon.