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DebtSafe Spending Freeze Challenge – Smile FM

DebtSafe Spending Freeze Challenge – Smile FM

In this Smile FM interview Wikus Olivier, Debt Management Expert at DebtSafe challenges consumers to freeze spending for the first two weeks in September. Everybody who is struggling to manage his or her finances is invited to join the DebtSafe Spending Freeze Challenge and stop unnecessary spending.

Wikus says spending freezes are increasingly popular worldwide, and while it’s not a long-term solution, it allows people to really take a close look at their finances to see where they can cut back.

“We are encouraging consumers to save money because when they don’t save, they are making debt,” he adds. Items that you have to cut out include eating out, take-away food, clothing, toys, furniture, alcohol and other vices.

You will be amazed at how much your perspective can change after two weeks’ of seeing what you can go without.

Listen to the Smile FM interview below.