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Your Credit Report & Score.

Why Is My Credit Report Negative?
Falling behind on one or more of your payments can result in a damaging credit score at the credit bureau.
How Can I Clear My Negative Credit Score?
The only way to clear your negative credit profile is by clearing your debt.
What If I Can't Clear My Debt?

If you are falling behind on your payments and you see no way to repay this with you current income, then DebtSafe’s debt review program is perfect for you.

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“Being under debt review, especially with DebtSafe, is the best decision I've made. My life is less stressful. Thank you.”

Wendy S. – Port Elizabeth

“DebtSafe was the best thing that ever came to my life. Thank you DebtSafe, you are the best.”

Candy M. – Inanda

The Benefits of Joining DebtSafe's Debt Review Program

(including a cleared credit report!)


We restructure all your debt accounts into one affordable repayment plan that is drastically reduced to suit your pocket – giving you much-needed cash flow relief.

Cleared Credit Report

Once all your debt is settled, we send a clearance certificate to your creditors and the credit bureau. With the clearance certificate your creditors and the credit bureau are required by law to remove all information about your previous debt – giving you a clear credit score.

Legal Protection

Our debt review program is backed by law and a legal process, so once you enter the program, you are protected from your creditors taking legal action against you.

Benefits Exclusive to DebtSafe Clients

A Client Care team to guide
you through the program.

Free annual
Credit Check.

Affordable Credit
Linked Insurance.

Transparency via our
Client Portal.

Let DebtSafe’s the proven process of debt review help restore your credit record, and help get you out of debt.

Fill in your details and we will call you back.