Feedback from DebtSafe’s “South Africans’ Financial Reality During Lockdown” Survey Reveals Financial Concerns & Various Views

South Africans have recently shifted from a Level 4 ‘national lockdown stage’ to a level 3. And, although this level-shift can be a slight relief for some, many consumers are still trying to deal with the financial implications and emotional scars of the COVID-19 pandemic and national lockdown period as a whole. Recent feedback from

Now is NOT the Time to Be a Non-Paying Consumer

The world has sure been hit hard by Covid-19, mostly known as the Coronavirus. And, panic, frustration, and uncertainty are also evident in the heartbeat of Africa. President Ramaphosa has instructed South Africans to go into a 21-day lockdown period from 26 March, starting at midnight. And, in between all the havoc, consumers are still

Coronavirus/Covid-19 Pandemic and Panic: How the Debt Review Process Fits in & Can Help You, the Consumer

Various countries, individuals, consumers and lately, perhaps, you and other South Africans have surely felt the wind being knocked out of your sails. The Covid-19/Coronavirus has sent shockwaves throughout the world and has now sent us in South Africa into lockdown for 21 days – how are you planning to handle this unprecedented emergency protocol?

Incessant Increases = No Joke for Consumers’ Already Dire Pockets

With a national election creeping closer, recent and on-going geopolitical, deal/no-deal waves, ‘walls’ – call it what you will – what else can have an effect on the South African economy and consumers’ already dire pockets? To name but a few – the ‘close to home REALITY’ of electricity bill extras, sin tax hikes, the

Tax Goes up for Consumers’ ‘SINful’ Pleasures

South Africans surely kept Honourable Minister of Finance, Tito Mboweni, under the magnifying glass on 20 February 2019. And, rightfully so – since they had to be on the lookout for certain ‘financial blackouts’ during the maiden #RSABudget2019 speech and announcements. In 2018 the 1% Value Added Tax (VAT) increase was a big blow for

SPEND Now to SAVE Later

The 31st of October is World Savings aka World Thrift Day. This year (2018) the focus of the #WorldSavingsDay2018 initiative is to celebrate YOU and the DREAMS you are saving for (#WhatDoYouWishFor).  The DebtSafe team, therefore, wants to highlight the importance of pursuing your dreams through your savings. Plus, various savings are not only beneficial