Repo Rate 101: What It Means for the Consumer Facing Abnormal Circumstances

COVID-19 has brought unexpected changes for the country, the economy, businesses and the South African consumer. Due to these abnormal circumstances, the Repurchase Rate (mostly known as the Repo Rate) has brought sudden positives to a few consumers. Especially, current homeowners.  Since the beginning of the year, the South African Reserve Bank has cut its

DEBT Does NOT Discriminate

Happy Human Rights Month to each and every South African. Since Human Rights Day and World Consumer Rights Day are highlights on the government’s calendar, DebtSafe has dedicated March to create awareness of consumers’ rights. One thing is for sure when it comes to consumers, their rights and credit – DEBT does NOT discriminate. According

Reckless Credit: Two Sides of the Same Coin

Loans, clothing accounts, expensive furniture buys and credit upon credit. The South African consumer’s debt struggle is heart-wrenching and unfortunately very real. Then there is also reckless credit to worry about. According to the National Credit Act (that aims to be fair and non-discriminatory), all consumers have the right to apply for credit (section 60).

The Right to a Debt-Free Future

This month is an important reminder of South Africans’ human rights, and rightfully so. But, if there is one thing that the South African consumer should also take note of is, that World Consumer Rights Day is celebrated on the 15th of March. Consumers are primarily responsible not only to make sure they protect their


The perfect story – boy meets girl, you fall in love and move in together… In some cases your ‘partnership’ develops into a ‘wedlock’ (wed-LOCK *wink wink nudge nudge*). BUT have you ever considered the possibility of an unfortunate breakup and unhappy ending? What financial implications are you left to deal with when years of