Consumers Under Debt Review Have an Advantage During Lockdown & the COVID-19 Crisis Period

The stronghold of debt can be devastating to any South African consumer. But, for those that have already been proactive to get themselves out of their debt burdens, they are indeed a step ahead of their peers through the Debt Review/Counselling process. Considering the COVID-19 lockdown reality that they currently face together with the rest

DebtSafe Dictionary

DebtSafe Dictionary

A short dictionary of the terms you’ll come across in Debt Review, Debt Counselling and Debt Consolidation. Alternatively known as the Debt Review Application Form. This is your Debt Review Application Form as required by the National Credit Act (NCA). Your Debt Counsellor needs this form to assess your financial situation. Your Debt Counsellor will

Charity Starts at Home

Ever considered being part of something bigger than yourself?  Now is your chance. A day to take action and doing a bit of reflection is here – looking back at the life of one of South Africa’s amazing leaders, Nelson Mandela, and continuing the legacy he helped build. Mandela Day (18 July) together with the