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Beat The Unemployment Trap – Spice4Life

Beat the Unemployment Trap – Spice4Life

Beat the Unemployment Trap

According to statistics, the number op people unemployed increased from 237 000 to 5 million in the last quarter. The question then becomes: What can be done to prevent the unemployment trap?

Wikus Olivier, debt counsellor at Debtsafe, explains how you could avoid becoming part of the unemployment statistics in this Spice4Life article. According to Wikus skill-shortage is one of the biggest causes of unemployment.

With this in mind Wikus has put together steps you could take to avoid the unemployment trap and improve the job you currently have. He also gives guidance on how to make the most of your skills when you find yourself having to start from the bottom.

Seeing the widespread effects of the current economy it becomes crucial to plan ahead for the hard-hitting times. Wikus explains how to prepare your finances for those tough times and how a survival budget can help you in the unfortunate event of job loss.