Credit Linked Insurance

DebtSafe has recently launched OneWay, the first all-in-one debt solution product in South Africa. The OneWay solution has unique features and benefits of which the Credit Linked Insurance (CLI) availability is one of its most outstanding advantages offered to our clients. DebtSafe has partnered with ONE SURE, one of the most reputable and trusted underwriters

New Affordability Assessment Regulations

In an effort to stop reckless credit granting, the National Credit Amendment Act (NCAA) has proposed affordability assessment requirements. Consumers will find it more difficult to get credit. But at the same time, the new amendment will protect consumers who can’t afford more debt. On 13 March this year, the DTI published the regulations. But

Unemployment and Debt

Stats SA announced that the unemployment rate in South Africa has declined by 1.4% to 25% between the first and second quarters of 2015. But, the unemployment rate is still high. Living expenses increase. The economy isn’t looking promising. More mines are threatening to close down. The average South African isn’t earning enough to make necessary

SA Students Get Low Marks on Budgeting

A recent survey by Student Village revealed that South Africa’s students may be driving themselves into debt while at university. The survey, which features insight from over 3000 students from universities across the country, found that the top purchases eating into student budgets include indulgences such as alcohol, clothing, jewellery, takeaways, and music. An alarming

The Latest Amendments to the National Credit Act

The Latest Amendments to the National Credit Act

The latest amendments to the National Credit Act, gazetted on Friday 13 March, carry far-reaching implications for both consumers and unsecured credit providers. These amendments were made in response to the exorbitant growth of over-indebtedness among South Africa’s consumers. Currently standing at an incredible R1.57 trillion. These amendments have taken us one step closer to

The Cost of Getting a Divorce

The Cost of Getting a Divorce

The rate of divorce continues to increase in South Africa, as seen by the massive increase of 28% in divorces reported by the Justice Department in their 2012-13 annual report. As a result, many South Africans are finding themselves in the strenuous position of not only ending a relationship but also managing the many financial