Romance Fraud

Romance Fraud and online love scams are on the rise in South Africa. Protect yourself from fraudsters with these 10 questions.

Top 5 Money-Related Tips for the Festive Season

The festive season is on your doorstep, and perhaps after this ‘dumbstruck year’, it can indeed be your season to welcome some joy and rest for a change. Yes, happy that the current year is coming to a swift end and that something better awaits you in 2021. But, whatever form of happiness you are

Black November ‘Specials’: Don’t Accumulate More Debt

The 2020 year has been misleading, and it feels as if the calendar has skipped a few months. November is on your doorstep – the month where you and other consumers can choose to go bonkers during Black Friday or not. And, what’s more – this shopping phenomenon is not a one-day event anymore. No,

The Four (4) Recommended ‘Financial Support Pillars’ to Help Consumers Fix Debt & Limit Stress After a Crisis

South Africans’ anxiety and stress levels can be worsened by a sudden change in their financial positions or circumstances. As highlighted by DebtSafe’s 2020 Financial Reality research, a concerning amount of South African consumers experience debt or financial stress when confronted with unexpected events or crises. Over 74% of consumers confirmed a crisis (the recent

Take Caution & Avoid Sly ‘Credit Cheats’ Out There

Long before the COVID-19 disruption started the government (represented via the National Credit Regulator aka NCR) and financial institutions have continuously been warning consumers to be vigilant and not give away their personal information, or click on ‘inviting’ hyperlinks and opening unsolicited emails/messages. The recent pandemic period has, unfortunately, paved the way for hackers and

Make a Money-Altering Mind Shift to Grow Your Financials

What beliefs or outdated mindset do you currently have that stops you from giving yourself (and your dear ones) a better financial life? Perhaps you have been taught a few things when you were younger that does not count or is not relevant anymore. Don’t you think the sooner you start to make a money-altering

SA Women Deserve All the Love & Various Support Channels They Can Get – National Women’s Month 2020

In honour of #WomensMonth2020, DebtSafe wants to remind ALL South African women that they – the strong, the courageous – are the ones who carry and nurture the overall heart of South Africa, especially during unexpected hardships. They deserve all the love, help (in various fields, including finance) and applause they can get. DebtSafe, recently