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After Being Blacklisted – CNBC Africa

After Being Blacklisted – CNBC Africa

After Being Blacklisted

Blacklisted. A word feared by most. What does it mean exactly, and what happens after being blacklisted? In this CNBC Africa interview Wikus Olivier, debt management expert at DebtSafe, talks about blacklisting.

In this interview Wikus describes how you actually won’t find your name on some elusive list after being blacklisted, blacklisting in itself doesn’t exist. Blacklisting does however describe the state of your credit record. Wikus explains about how people get blacklisted and what can be done after being blacklisted to set your credit record straight.

Another important topic Wikus talks about is how to protect yourself against illegal, deceitful creditors. These creditors offer empty promises to help you with your blacklisting, but in reality they could cause you serious trouble.

Watch the CNBC Africa interview below.