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Over-Indebtedness Calculator

Fill in the fields below to find out if your over-indebted.
Monthly Income R0

Salary: Gross Income

Maintenance: Receiving Maintance: When you have children living with their parents aren't then they are paying maintance for the child/ren to contribute.


Deductions As specified on your salary advice (payslip) R0


Medical Aid:

Union Fees:


Nett Income R0
Essential Living Expenses R0

Groceries: (Food, cleaning materials, etc)
The court accepts R800 per person.

Property Rental: (if property not owned)

Municipal Rates & Taxes: (Where property owned)
Only when property is owned. Can't have property rental and municipal rates & taxes.

Water & Electricity:

Transport / Petrol / Desiel: Monthly travel costs to get to work everyday

Medical Expenses: Cronic Medicine. Proof must be provided for medical expenses provided for.

Maintenance: Paying Maintance: When you have children not living with you and you are paying maintance for the child/ren to contribute. You need to proof that you pay child support.

School Fees: The court will not approve private schools. Thus the children must be placed in public schools.

Telephone: The court accepts R250 per person. If the phone is used for work purposes then it must be noted.

Clothing: Clothing can be provided for if there is enough money to pay living expenses and reduced installment. The court acceprt R150 per person.

Insurance Premiums: When a house of car is owned then there must be insurance on the assests.

Summonses: If a creditor issued a summons or judgment before date of application then money must be provided for the client to pay the creditor directly. Take the outstanding amount and multiply with 10% to work out the repayment on summonses and judgments.

Domestic worker: If taking care of elderly or children when both parents work fulltime.

Other Expenses (Specify & Motivate): Other expenses must always be described and proof provided why this expenses is needed.




Available for Creditor Payments R0
(Nett Income minus Expenses)

Minus TOTAL Monthly
( )

Debt/Credit instalments

(Shortfall) / Surplus R0 Level of Over-Indebetedness